I offer a wide range of services, such as:

-Tagline and product/business name development and strategy
-Ghostwriting (executive profiles, company profiles, blog posts, tweets and other material)

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“I had the pleasure of working with Linda on three separate – but related – books for Oxford University Press, and found each experience to be an absolute pleasure. The three titles, Understanding Trademark Law: A Beginner’s Guide, Understanding Copyright Law: A Beginner’s Guide and Understanding Patent Law: A Beginner’s Guide, which are part of the Legal Almanac series, are professionally written, easy to understand, and thorough. Linda is knowledgeable, professional, an absolute pleasure to work with, and — that which is most important to an Editor — ON TIME. I wish her luck in all her writing endeavors, and hope our paths have the chance to cross again!”

“I worked with Linda in creating a business profile I could post on LinkedIn and other social networking sites. My business does not fit nicely into one small box, there are many aspects to it. I provided some background information, but found Linda’s thought provoking ‘thinking exercises’ of tremendous value. Linda took the time to thoroughly understand each of the services I offer and she put together a nicely polished, finished document. I highly recommend Linda’s services!”

“I ‘virtually’ met Linda through the website The service she offered was to write/edit an individual’s profile for their Linkedin profile. No matter how impressive a person’s resume may be, the profile is critical in providing the power to generate interest to read on and take action. Linda analyzed my resume and within a 48 hour period wrote an amazing profile for my online presence. Don’t forget the important details. Hire Linda to position you professionally and add that professional touch.”

“Linda is an excellent consultant and business coach. She was able to help me present myself and my skills as a professional in the best way possible. I highly recommend her and would use her skills and talent again in the future.”

“Linda is a very creative and thoughtful consultant and writer. She quickly assessed my business skills and experience, and then recommended a way for me to present these skills in a professional manner. And, she works fast! I highly recommend Linda and her work.”

“What any business person wants from a lawyer is not only someone who knows the law, but understands business. One without the other is no good. With Linda Tancs you get someone who knows the law and has worked in the law for decades. You also get someone who knows how IP and particularly Trademark law can make or break your business. Then, like a wonderful bonus, Linda is also a business person who brings a keen grasp of branding to the equation. Linda, then, is a triple threat. That she’s a delight to work with and is a terrific writer is a windfall for clients and would-be clients.”

“Linda is a wonderful writer. She provides straightforward, practical advice through her writing and she has a wealth of insider travel information to share. Linda is consistently pleasant, easy to work with, and straightforward in her demeanor and never missed a deadline. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable writer and honest, loyal person.”