Produce Linda’s Scripts

Interested producers are invited to contact me for more information.

JUST PLANE HUMOR, a 10-minute play
(3 men, 4 women). Comedy.
AIR FARE, a 10-minute play adaptation of JUST PLANE HUMOR
(1 man, 1 woman). Comedy.
A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME, a 10-minute play.
(2 women, 1 gender neutral). Comedy.
crime and punishment 300

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, a 10-minute play
(1 man, 1 woman). Biblical drama.

Remember When logo300

(1 man, 1 woman). Drama (monologue/short play).

WHAT’S IN A NAME?, a 1-minute play
(1 man, 1 woman). Comedy.
An animated short feature film adaptation of the book. Quarterfinalist, 2021 ScreenCraft animation feature competition. Drama.

Coverage: “The setting is richly described and an evocative place to set the story. The father’s experience and the way in which he passes it down to the son is quite poignant. The pacing and tone appear to be carefully planned and executed.”